From intimate lunch and learns to packed auditoriums around the globe, Elizabeth mixes her unique story-telling ability with real-life, actionable steps you can use in daily life.

Keynote Speaker 

Sometimes you just need a few minutes to pick someone else’s brain to figure out what you need and where to start. Whether you are a brand or individual, Elizabeth will work with you to kickstart a project, discuss collaboration ideas, or help you figure out how to discuss that THING you just don’t know how to verbalize to those around you.

One-on-one consultations

A journalist since she was 18, Elizabeth loves to expertly craft just the right questions to get the story to unfold. She’s happy to help you prep for an on-camera interview, or moderate your next panel event.


A healthy mental health routine can dramatically impact the rest of your day. If you reach into your mental health toolbox every morning, you can get stronger, become more confident, and better show up for yourself and those around you. Elizabeth will cover the latest research and her personal tips for a stronger mental game.

How to create a daily mental health routine that sticks 


How do you uncover where you are supposed to be? Elizabeth examines how getting lost and taking detours has become part of her secret sauce in life and business. What are the critical questions you need to answer to uncover exactly where you need to be & what to do next. 

Finding the magic and power in getting lost 

“Everything happens for a reason” is a throwaway response to a traumatic event that people don’t know how to discuss. Instead of cutting off discussions and avoiding real conversations, Elizabeth walks you through how you can teach those around you how to talk about reproduction in a constructive way. 

How to reframe reproductive toxic positivity 



"Elizabeth is positive and has a can-do attitude. This, coupled with her ability to build and nurture relationships, made her a quick hit with our board, sponsors, and other key supporters. Elizabeth is a great advocate and always looking to create win-win partnerships."

Avant Healthcare

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For the first time, Elizabeth tells the story of her world changing birth and its impact on her life.

The perfect gift for the budding IVF doctor, infertility patient, or history buff.