Day 1

Workout: 4.38 miles of speed play and hills

Cool down: 10 minute row (2k)

Today was just about getting an hour of running. Pace didn’t matter. How far I went didn’t matter. It was simply to run for 60 minutes.

The weather was perfect running weather, but I opted for the treadmill today. I just wanted to put some music on and have someone tell me what to do; when to speed up, when to crank the incline for a hill, and when to recover.

I’ve been listening to the book “Atomic Habits” (I’ve read it before, but it’s a good reminder). In that book, the author talks about taking away as many decisions as you can in order to achieve your habit. Today the treadmill allowed me to not have to decide what to wear, how far to go, or how fast to run. The Peleton instructor on the other end of my headphones made all the decisions for me.

I’m calling today day 1 because later today I also get to chat with my coach so we can set goals, and she can lay out my workout plan.

My job today was simply to get back into the habit of acting as if I am training for a marathon.

And in the span of time before I chat with my coach, I am going to research potential race options.